Who We Are

Mission of compassion for the sick

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit research organization based in Seattle area, founded by those who are devoted to the mission of compassion for the sick.

Our mission is to promote and share a "compassionate heart", help people suffering from sickness, and provide short and long term solutions to the well-being of people and society. We envision a community where acts of love overflow and the weak and needy find comfort.

What We Do

Sharing and serving for community

We devote our scientific talents to develop more efficient and effective ways to address various human diseases. We began with a dry-lab approach and strive to help researchers to maximize the benefits of "Big Science", thereby accelerating disease research and therapeutics development.

Besides our scientific contributions, we are also passionate about caring for community. By dedicating an important part of our earnings, we help our suffering neighbors who have difficulty in receiving proper medical care.