Accelerating brain research and drug development

Research Impact

Overcoming critical barriers in human disease research
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By ensuring human relevance first, our expertise in “brain mapping” reveals or reinforces appropriate scientific avenues for understanding CNS disease.

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Drug Development

We assess for translational relevance, rank drug targets for efficacy, mitigate side effect concerns, and uncover alternative applications for well characterized compounds (repurposing).

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Sanity Check

Using comprehensive and precise brain data sets, we furnish additional lines of evidence needed for reproducibility, translational relevance, and corroboration in support of multiple applications (NIH, FDA, EPA, publication).

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We’ve industrialized brain research across several disciplines. Let us help you mitigate various scientific, technical, and operational challenges to develop your most effective scientific strategy.

Current Research Goal

Bridge the translational gap in biomedical research
Harness promising results by assessing for human relevance

One clear reason CNS drugs have mixed success arises from the difficulty in controlling for genetic and anatomic variability across species, explaining in part why success in animal models doesn’t translate to humans. Untested assumptions carry considerable translational risks, which dilute the research endeavor and require additional time and money to resolve (e.g. waiting for clinical trials to reveal variability). We apply efficient cross-disciplinary expertise much earlier in the drug development process to help guide researchers to the most human relevant questions, thereby focusing critical resources and accelerating the development of therapies for patients.

  • Promising results in animal models

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We strive to inspire and enable others to maximize the benefits of “Big Science”

Seung Wook Oh, PhD

Executive Director / Principal Scientist
Devoted biomedical researcher with 20 years of broad experience in neurobiology. Demonstrated scientific and organizational competencies in pioneering large-scale brain maps.

John A. Morris, PhD

Principal Scientist
Engaging neuroscientist with over 15 years at large biotech and preclinical CROs. Deep expertise in molecular and comparative neuroanatomy applied to sex differences, neurotoxicity, and neuropharmacology.
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